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The Swarm

177 views 5 months ago
Here's what happens when I'm bored; thousands of independently updated, animated, and rendered "bug" sprites, now with two types of shadows.

The following demo/benchmark was written with the Monkey X programming language.

Monkey X is a programming language which is actively developed by Mark Sibly, who's best known as the main man behind the Blitz languages: Blitz Basic ("2D", 3D, Plus), and BlitzMax. Monkey X works by compiling its source into native source for various programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, the list goes on. Monkey X is mainly focused at 2D game programming, however, it has also been used for console applications, 3D games (Thanks to its OpenGL wrapper), and occasionally GUI applications (Through custom targets and/or modules).

Several of Monkey X's targets are now free, and can be downloaded here: http://monkeycoder.co.nz/St...

For more information about Monkey X, please visit: http://monkeycoder.co.nz/Mo...

Information about Monkey X can also be found on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... Show less
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A lot of randomness, what did you think this was about?
  • Weegee's Mansion

    Just a random video I put together, it only took me about an hour total. I wanted to post this on April fools' day, but since I already had it done, I posted it today.

    Warning: This video contains...
  • SRB2 - Green Flower Zone (Act 1) Speedrun *0:13* Seconds

    My recored was 0:13 seconds, now I've set a better record of 0:11 seconds. But I'm too lazy to record it. Also, huzzah for massive amounts of interlacing!


    Sonic Robo Blast 2 by: Sonic t...
  • Weegee

    I can't really describe the HAX that is Weegee, so please comment below about what you saw in this video.

    And remember; OBEY WEEGEE!


    Editing by: Sonickidnextgen of Sonickid Inc,
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