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Smokey Robotic - Unlike Anyone (feat. True Blood's Jamie Gray Hyder) - Official Music Video

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Music video by Smokey Robotic for "Unlike Anyone" -- off of their album MUSIUM -- featuring actress Jamie Gray Hyder from HBO's "True Blood."

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Director: Clara Aranovich
Producers: Clara Aranovich & Saul Germaine
Director of Photography: Joey Maloney
Art Director: Julian Wayser
Make Up: Joanne Adolfo
Hair: Rachael Brenner
Production Assistants: Cristine Spindler & Chris Milliken
Editor: Clara Aranovich
Ms. Hyder's wardrobe provided by: NAMI

Special thanks:
Annie Damron
Isabel Valdés
Julio Aranovich
Rodolfo Valdés
Gabe Aranovich
Britney Blair
Hiro Murai
Raul B Fernandez
Beth Norton
Laurel Pickering
Lisa Maria Cabrera
Paley Fairman

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© 2013 PUC Films


Gotta love you first - I'm telling you
Nothing real without pain
I know I'm not the first who wanted to hurt themselves because they don't feel anything
Thankful for not losing my way
Thank you for not losing your faith after all we've been through
We've been getting closer
Our moment in the sun
Spotlight beams on those who are Unlike Anyone
Shine like diamond - this blinding love
what can I say?
I'm a trippy man, dance till I'm dizzy, spaced out
where would I be without your helping hand?
trapped in a dream in the crazy house
you are the ground on which I stand
fall to my knees and thank you now
for all the love that you've shown me
without you I'd fall you hold me up
sweet and bitter I bit my own tongue
psycho kids the babysitter was drunk
pinch hitter hit the homerun
kitty litter jazz cat ... nip I flow numb
pinch me I'm dreaming baby I lost it ...
the key, out in the cold I'm knocking
beat up, soul is broken
heart bruised and my bones were poking
through my tattoos I was almost ghosted
my mood was close to hopeless
but you resurrected my dopeness
I almost died, I tried to run you brought me back to life
you're unlike anyone
...ooh, I wanna thank you... for not losing my way.  after all we've been through.  This is where we're going now..
I'll never lose.  Never lose faith in you

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