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Slacker. The most complete music service on Earth.

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Slacker is the most complete music service on Earth. Listen to millions of songs and hundreds of expert-programmed stations for free -- on demand, online and on any device. Start listening for free: http://www.slacker.com/ Show less
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Bad Religion at The Echo Play

Bad Religion album release show for "True North" at The Echo in Los Angeles with Slacker.

Artist Showcase Stations - Exclusively on Slacker Play

Artists frequently visit Slacker to create and host their very own radio stations, available exclusively on Slacker. These are the "making of" videos from just a few of the artists that have come in to the studio to perform and produce their "Artist Showcase" stations. All Artist Showcase stations can be found within any Slacker application (more info at www.slacker.com/about) under the station category "Artist Showcase". With an Artist Showcase station, you get to hear the songs hand-picked by the artist as well as hear the artist introduce the songs while you listen to get their unique insight on the music that moves them.
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