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Fastest Mental Multiplication Math Tricks - 2 Seconds Multiplication Trick

826 views 3 weeks ago
Fast Math Multiplication Videos Tutorials - This is a unique fastest mental math multiplication trick which will teach you to multiply in your head taking number from 0 to 10. There are many fast mental math calculation methods, this one will teach you to multiply any two digit number by 9.
Steps of The Fastest Mental Multiplication Tricks:
1. Imagine 1 to 10 number line in brain.
2. Write in brain first digit of the two digit whose fast multiplication by 9 we need to do.
3. Figure out the total number of digits between first and second digits. Like if its 25 then there are 3 & 4 , two digits in the middle , so write the difference number there ( here 2)
4. Now , figure out how many digits are more to reach 10 from second digit and also write it down .
5. See the 3 figure number, that's you answer.
6. sometime the difference between first and second digit can be zero. like 45, in such cases write zero.

There is condition to apply this fast mental multiplication trick
- The Ones Digit should be bigger than tens. I mean you can apply this trick to 39 but not 93, this rule will apply for 49 but not for 94.

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