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SixWordSkits Season 2: Month One of Five

301 views 11 months ago
That's right, This Season has 100 episodes, and here are the first Twenty. Show less
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SFB.TV: SixWordSkits Season 2 Play

The second batch of 100 skits comprised of only 6 words each.

That's right, over the next 20 weeks you'll see 5 skits a week and almost 600 different words!

It'll probably be almost two hours (120 minutes) if you watch them all back to back to back to back to back!

SFB.TV:Sketch Comedy Play

Traditional Sketch Comedy from the SFB.TV Crew.

Parodies, spoofs, CSI, Batman, Ninja's, Porno, Pizza, Explosions and other traditional motifs.

SFB.TV: SixWordSkits SEASON ONE Play

Skits with ONE* RULE: Only Six Words can be used.

*Grunts, laughter, bodily sounds and other onomatopoeia do not count as words.

Words can be used multiple times.

Various versions of words can be used.

The SkitForBrains Show Play

Following the challenges and exploits of the SkitForBrains crew as they simply try to shoot some funny videos for YouTube.
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