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Sixty Symbols

Dimensions - Sixty Symbols

243,452 views 11 months ago
What would life be like with just two (or four) dimensions?
More on extra dimensions with Ed Copeland... http://youtu.be/75p6_pQ3jBo

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott.
The Planiverse by A. K. Dewdney

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This project features scientists from The University of Nottingham

Sixty Symbols videos by Brady Haran

A run-down of Brady's channels: http://bit.ly/bradychannels Show less
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Either filmed at or having some link to the LHC at CERN

Magnet Videos Play

Some Sixty Symbols videos in which magnetism is a feature.

The Sixty Symbols Solar System Play

Watch Sixty Symbols videos on all the planets (plus the Sun and Venus)
Three videos from Professor Mike Merrifield dealing with things like time dilation.
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