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Rahil Babooram

Rahil Babooram - "All on you" - send vote now to indigenoustt@gmail.com

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Rahil Babooram - "All on you" - send vote now to indigenoustt@gmail.com for this ENVIRONMENTAL song. 2nd release from the album CUATRO http://www.youtube.com/watc...

PLEASE VOTE NOW FOR "All on you" - or write to indigenoustt@gmail.com stating that you are voting for 'Rahil Babooram - All on you'

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Rahil Babooram - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, tambourine, keyboard

"All on you"
by Rahil Babooram (2007-04-17)

1. take a walk any day
do you still see much green on your way?
throw your garbage anywhere,
apparently the effects don't seem to scare.

burn your trash, fill the air,
you don't care a thing about the atmosphere..

the birds in the trees know how to behave,
so why can't we just take pattern?
the shame is all on you..

what goes around comes around,
when it's all gone, what will we do?
the blame is only on you..

2. you complain about the drains,
yet you are the one who causes all these pains.
dump the chemicals in the seas,
then you wonder how come there's so much disease.

"oh the place is getting so hot",
in spite of this, you are really doing what?

repeat chorus

3. you can put blame on the government,
but a lot is due to your own abandonment.
scream and shout 'bout aluminium smelter,
but daily you degrade your own shelter.

apart from becoming unhealthier,
paid to destroy your home doesn't make you any wealthier.

4. the rain forests give so much life,
but you clear them away to give animals death and strife.
the soya you feed the sentenced cows
should be used instead to feed countless hungry mouths.

i can only really sing so much,
but it's up to us to act and not just watch..

repeat chorus x 3

©2007, 2013 Rahil Babooram Music, COTT
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Rahil Babooram @ Trini Woodstock - 2009-08-22 Play

Rahil Babooram @ Trini Woodstock - Destination Lounge, Carlton Centre, San Fernando, Trinidad - 2009-08-22.

Video quality isn't the best due to the low lighting. Still, the experience was captured pretty well. Thanks to my brother for recording the performance.
Thanks to the wonderful audience members as well for enjoying the performance and for being so enthusiastic in the response.

I am, however, not responsible for the crowd participation vocal off-tunes and off-times. haha.
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