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Wade D McGinnis

Channel Intro

301 views 9 months ago
What is this?

A channel to mark the ages, or at least to give insight, advice, and an opinion about the games I play.

• Reviews with The Good The Bad The OMG!
• First impressions with Gaming Theater.
• Full game coverage with Now Playing.
• Holo Call, I dig into the game industry/events. Lots of talking.
• Skill Shot, achievement based videos. Want to know a way to earn that precious golden trophy, these videos will show you the way!
• Play Till You Die! Me and friends last as long as possible before swapping control.

I continue to improve my channel and your experience with every lesson learned! Having volunteered as a writer for Guild Wars Insider and GAMEBREAKER.tv.com while still going to work in the afternoon.

Tack on college to become a Radiology Technician, I still find time to play, record, stream, and discuss games.

While games are my passion/hobby I still see movies, do sports, actively enjoy working out, chilling with friends/family, and avoiding Murphy's law as much as I can (which is to say almost never).

Fonts Used ►"Sandoval" http://www.typodermicfonts....

Music Used ► "Heart Of Champions" http://www.premiumbeat.com/...

Click To Subscribe! ► http://ow.ly/kghCQ
Twitter ►https://twitter.com/WadeDMc...
Twitch.tv ►http://www.twitch.tv/wade_d...

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First hand impressions of indie and main stream games.
Reviewing what makes a game great, bad or omg!

New Shirt Play

TLDR ► I embellish in my addiction of gaming/tv culture shirts!

Holo Call Play

I discuss the games, gaming industry, gaming related topics and personal opinion.
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