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SILKD031 - The Hybridz - 'New Dimensions' E.P Play

The latest release from the genre bending duo, 'The Hybridz', is an E.P full of razor sharp beats, thumping bass and dark uplifting vibes. After coming out of a small hiatus the pair have returned with a smashing E.P that features 4 tracks perfect for any club set.

SILKD027 - Forge - 'Dubplay' E.P Play

Label boss 'Forge' steps up for his debut E.P. Heavy dub flavours with lashings of reggae and sub bass!

SILKD025 - Bulb - 'Buried Future' E.P Play

Russian whizz kid Bulb delivers his stunning E.P debut on Silk. Magical!

SILKD024 - The Hybridz - 'Anograms E.P' Play

Very first E.P from the 'The Hybridz', deep & rolling all the way!

SILKD023 - Furi Anga - 'Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers' & Un Play

Furi Anga's L.P sampler is a prelude to his L.P due in 2013. Emotional, futuristic beats driven by eerie atmospheres.

SILKD022 - Gerwin - 'My Hidden Side' & 'Superhero' Play

Heavy hitting beats and lush chords coupled with sublime vocals and atmospheric melodies.

SILKD002 - Subway Funk - 'Konstanta & 'Dont Let Me Down' Play

The 2nd release on Silk comes from a young producer from Belarus - 'Subway Funk'. Liquid funk, rolling jungle breaks and deep bass are all part of this amazing release.

SILKCD001 - Furi Anga - 'Omnipresence' L.P (Preview)

Cold Scandinavian moods delivered in a form of Drum n Bass.


Interviews with artists from the Silk Recordings label.
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