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Jailbreaks Could Become Illegal? New TPP Law- What You Can Do.

21,079 views 7 months ago
What a surprise the guy that teaches people how to jailbreak is an advocator for the right to freedom. Links for the main petition- https://openmedia.org/censo..., more below ↓


I know I left out saying New Zealand. I am so sorry! I made a mistake in the editing process. I also pronounced Vietnam & Burnai wrong.

Also someone made a copyright claim against the song at the end even though it obviously constitutes fair use. You can see just how ridiculous the current copyright laws are and they want to make it even worse with this TPP. They ("Liberation" Music) put their ads on the entire video and made money off it even though I used a small sample this is appalling. Then the dispute process takes a month while your video is in limbo, luckily with effort I got it sorted in 7 days (still a bloody long time). Now the rights to the video are in the hands of the rightful owner, ME.

*I am not the first innocent to suffer at the hands of these corporate criminals masked under "Liberation" Music, they have been abusing the YouTube copyright system for a long time- https://www.eff.org/cases/l...

If you want to protect your data you can hide apps, put passcodes on apps and encrypt data which can all be achieved by jailbreaking. Encryption is the most foolproof way. I might make a video on these methods in future.

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