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❤Samore Love TV❤

Who Am I ? Well I am "Her" and "She" is ME!! #SoarLimitLess

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FABULOUS Hair! (Playlist Of Wigs,Clip Ins and Half Wigs) Play

This is a video about my various hairstyles and unbiased hair reviews.

Natural Hair Saga Play

Join me on my natural hair Saga which begun April 2011 which is when my transitioning stage began and lasted 11 month. I then went and said "to heck with it!" and got the big chop on March 12,2012

Collabs With My Some Of My Fav Youtubers!!! Play

I love to meet new people, and highlight them and their channel giving them the #SamoreSpotlight. Im a firm believer that the top can be shared if you only make a bit of space. I want to always stay true to who I am as I go on my saga and I hope that I can take a few with me. I am honored to say I have worked with you and would not mind working with you again. It was definitely my pleasure. #SoarLimitLess
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