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  • Much Much better than Elvis Presley's version as I dedicate this to my beautiful wife as this describes her to a tee !!

    Ray Peterson - The Wonder Of You (1959)

    Charted at #25 on Billboard Hot 100 in May 1959, and #23 on UK Singles chart. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful recordings of the 1950's. This was Ray's seventh single and the first ...
  • The actor that played David is aprx 3 years older than myself I was 20 when this movie was released and therefore 23 NOT 27 or 30. lol My then girlfriend who I saw the movie with said then he's nice looking but no 17

  • I just got married for the FIRST time at 51 less than a year ago and I love my wife as she does me with ALL MY HEART and SOUL but there is another women I love so dearly I've known of for several years and she just recently told me I should have asked her out and she really adored me now I'm kicking myself because the other women was the love of my life so where do you win I totaly understand what u mean lol

    Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers

    Turn annotations on for lyrics.

    Mary MacGregor: Torn Between Two Lovers (1976)

    "Torn Between Two Lovers" is written by Peter Yarrow (of the folk music trio Peter, Paul & Mary) and Phillip Jarrell...
  • Mary Hopkin is strikingly beautiful she looks a lot like my mother-in law and in actuality about 3 years younger and more to the point Mary can really sing as I've always loved this song

    MARY HOPKIN - "Knock Knock Who's There" (1972)

    Too bad I'm already married. Played on WIP in Philly, who played many of her hits. An entry in the Eurovision song contest.
  • Buddy Holley's sad misfortune on 2/3/59 was Bobby Vee's claim to fame he does sound and patterned himself after Buddy Holly

    Bobby Vee - Devil Or Angel

    Bobby Vee - Devil Or Angel
  • Thank you I'm glad you liked my comment....It's really true if you ever met my wife you gotta shake your head how this guy Jon could have done that to her but it was to our benefit in the end !!!!

    Who Put The Bomp - Barry Mann

    The single debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 on August 7, 1961, and remained for twelve weeks, peaking at # 7[3]. Mann's version did not chart in the UK, though a cover version by the Viscounts reache...
  • The Rays - "Silhouettes"

    This record contains content that is owned or licensed by WMG. Thanks to WMG for allowing me to upload this song. Record reached Billboards Top 40 on October 21, 1957.
  • What a shame Ritchie REALLY LOVED Donna and Donna REALLY LOVED Ritchie. They'd have married and I'd bet my right arm they would stiill be HAPPILY Married today. It's just not fair and such ashame. I've read that even to this day Donna still cries over her beloved Ritchie !!

    Donna Ludwig's Now That You're Gone On A Wurlitzer 2200

    Donna Ludwig Now That You're Gone On A Wurlitzer 2200 jukebox. She did this song for Ritchie Valens after his death. I never knew she had these two songs. Please enjoy
  • Danielle von Zerneck is an absolute sweetie pie in this movie,,,,,,I'm from NJ and there's a women that works at the courtesy counter at a nearby supermarket as her name is Donna that is the spitting image and I mean spitting Image of Danielle von Zerneck. This Donna has been at this supermarket a long time and when this Donna I know was younger looked just like Danielle von Zerneck in this video esp.I.ve adored her since I first laid eyes on her lol. Just goes to show everyone has a double.


    Donna performed by Danielle von Zerneck in an compilation of snapshots and edited en restored fragments from de Movie " La Bamba " (1987) in Widescreen.
  • Racer X was Speed Racers long lost brother I believe in fact there's a pic of him without his mask on this vid and he looks just like Speed Racer........Very clever

    Speed Racer - The Original TV Theme Song (Vintage)

    Just to get you ready...
  • Check will be in the mail Julie said and by the way she was soooooo pretty and adorable too lol

    The Price is Right | Bob Barker's last dark hair day

    It's another day for The Price is Right as new audience members are called to come on down and play television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Today's games are Lucky $even, Check-Out, Po...
  • at 0:53 I'll take the one who played Shayne over Amanda Jones anyday... She had the better personallity and is far better looking than the one who played Amanda Jones. Just look at those BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES and Porcelain Cheeks and I would just love to kiss or pinch those cheeks.......... So Beautiful

    Some Kind of Wonderful-Amanda Jones

    A fan made video made with clips from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. I do not own the rights to the movie or the song.
  • He sounds so much like Buddy Holly and his style is so similar !!


    LYRICS: Devil or angel, I can't make up my mind
    Which one you are I'd like to wake up and find
    Devil or angel dear, whichever...
  • Winnie Cooper on´╗┐ the Wonder Years Danica McKeller Google´╗┐ her and then hit images and you should see there is a VERY strong resembalance between these two ! Esp, at 0:04

  • AMC or TNT networks

    Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Scene - HQ

    Celebrating the style & elegance of Blake Edwards (1922 - 2010), with the famous opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). Blake Edwards, Audrey Hepburn (wearing Givenchy) & Henri Mancini. Co...
  • I've read that the one of the reasons for JFK's trip to Dallas was so he could dump LBJ from the ticket for reelection and to carry Texas without him and needed Texas to win . It was getting time to run for reelection.

    Lyndon Johnson Swearing-in Nov 22, 1963

    Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States 99 minutes after the death of President John F. Kennedy. The video includes the audio of the swearing in and ph...
  • I don't think the Falcon ever got 30mpg ever !!

    A Wonderful New World of Fords (1960)

    A Wonderful New World of Fords 1960 Advertising Film
  • judges act like the're god stinkin coward !!!!!!!!!!

    MIRROR of Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet

    This is a mirror of the original video found at ?v=Wl9y3SIPt7o in case it gets taken down.

    2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punish...
  • The lead singer sounds just like Mac Davis

    Gallery - It's So Nice To Be With You

    Gallery- It's So Nice To Be With You, 1972
  • Anissa Jones was in the running for the part of Reagan in the Exorcist a part that eventually went to Linda Blair. I think Anissa would have played the part veruy well also because I read that she really wanted that part. Someone has to miss out !!!

    Family Affair Intro with Buffy and Jody

    • by jed6271
    • 4 years ago
    Family Affair intro from Season 5 (1970-71). Interestingly, some later episodes of this TV series featured the characters Buffy and Jody introducing the show, much the same way that Mr. French did...
  • Terry Staffords version much better Sorry elvis LOL!!!

    Suspicion - Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley - Suspicion
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