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Stephen Hobley

Laser Harp with WiiMote

94,015 views 6 years ago

Finally got the chance to complete the WiiMote extension to the Laser Harp.

The WiiMote front sensor has been modified to track 532nm light, rather than the normal IR.

Software on the PC converts the information from the WiiMote into MIDI controller data - this is merged (using MIDIOX and MIDI-Yoke) with the trigger pulses coming from the harp and fed to the impOSCar synth.

It solved a whole heap of problems I was having with the analog sensor on the harp, at the cost of having to include some software on the PC.

Eventually it should be possible to wire the Arduino MPU in the harp directly into the I2C bus that the PixArt WiiMote sensor is connected to. This would bypass the Bluetooth and PC altogether. Show less
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