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Devdas (1955)

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Based on the Novel by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay called Devdas, the movie is the story of childhood sweethearts, Devdas (Dilip Kumar) and Paro (Suchitra Sen) set against the backdrop of rural Bengal during feudal times. When they decide to marry, Devdas' father disapproves the relationship as they belong to a very rich family. He sends his son packing to Calcutta for higher studies. Parvati's marriage is fixed with a wealthy zamindar, a widower with children older than his young second wife. In Calcutta, Devdas drowns his sorrows in alcohol and wishes to meet Paro one last time before he dies. He meets Chunilal (Motilal) who introduces him to an attractive and strong willed courtesan, Chandramukhi (Vyjayanthimala). Chandramukhi decides to nurse Devdas. Where will be the outcome of this tragic tale of love? Devdas won the Certificate of Merit for the Third Best Feature Film in Hindi at the National Award Ceremony Dilip Kumar won the best actor Filmfare Award for Devdas Motilal won the best supporting actor Filmfare Award for Devdas Vyjayanthimala won the Best Supporting Actress Award for Devdas but she refused to accept the award as she thought her role was not a supporting one. Show less
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