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HAMLET 2012 ... Welcome to Bollywood ~ Too Solid Flesh | Maan hota hai

290 views 2 years ago
This is a poignant TAKE. Why i am unsure, but here i had been in my small village in India sitting daily in my great grandfather gurus' temple, Bhagavan Nityananda. I think i was simply more present in that moment ... and many memories were flooding within ... I hope you enjoy and check out a few more of my over 500 Shakespeare Monologue Videos, including my 365 TAKES ... an actor prepares, of 'To Be or Not To Be', featured in England (my capital u is broken) in a documentary entitled, 'To be or not to be in Shakespeare'. Also found in Theatre History Classes around the world as a video example of Shakespeares' most famous male soliloquy.

love and light, Shaktim ... The Hamlet of YouTube

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Hamlet 365 Shaktim...The Hamlet of YouTube Part 1 Play

Welcome to my experiment! Shakespeares' Hamlet, from Tim Maloney...Shaktim, The Hamlet of YouTube. This playlist is dedicated to one actor taking one monologue, or in this case, a soliloquy from Hamlet, arguably one of the most famous of all of Shakespeare's plays and offering YouTubers a unique insight into what its actually like for an actor to 'Work out a Character' using repetition as part of the rehearsal process. I am committed to offering 365 takes of this one monologue and hope you will continue sending me emails with your thoughts and feelings and critiques. I've discovered another reason to make this statement, besides the obvious of marketing my talents to begin a professional film and tv career and that is to inspire people to persevere and follow their dreams, their bliss. My bliss is performing Characters and entertaining. Oprah inspired me to do just that... and becoming a Shakespearean Actor has been a dream of mine ever since I realized that I had a naturally, yet uncanny ability to understand his words. Could i have been in his original troupe? I want to play Hamlet on Stage and Character Driven work on film. You can view my first time playing Hamlet in a short film http://www.HamletvsGoodzilla.com , from an Experimental Film class at UCLA. Gabby Gruen, Director/Writer. http://www.timmaloney.biz and http://www.tmaseva.org are two more sites you might check out.

LA Student Films Play

I spent some time one year collecting a variety of scene work from Student Films ... I hope you Enjoy !!!

Hamlet 365 Shaktim... The Hamlet of YouTube PART 2 Play

I have been asked to share one of my Hamlet TAKES for a Documentary... This is a quote from the production company:

Whats it like to play the great Shakespearean roles? This forthcoming documentary film will accompany a season of classic Shakespeare performances on Channel 4 and is due to be transmitted on Christmas Day 2008.

To Be Or Not To BeIn Shakespeare will explore the human realities of taking on these iconic parts. Seneca Productions is in the process of interviewing some of the nations most celebrated interpreters of Shakespeare in what we hope will be a witty and revealing exploration of the agonies and the ecstasies of playing the Bard. The result will be an engaging insight into the greatest dramatic writer ever born, by some of the people who have gotten to know him best the actors who have spent huge swathes of a lifetime playing his roles.
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