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Free PS1 Games Guide | Playstation Home

5,326 views 8 months ago

This is a guide for anyone having trouble Navigating the PS4 Experience to get all 13 cards to unlock some PS Home rewards and 3 PS1 games: Warhawk, Demolition Derby, and Twisted Metal. Click the times in the descriptions to see the locations of the cards, I had a hard time finding some things so the video ended up being pretty long, but with the help of this video you will probably be able to find everything within 5-10 minutes. :)

Card Locations in order of appearance

1- 1:25- 2:00 (Investigate, Second Look) Card 13: Destruction Derby: Vehicle
2- 2:19- 2:40 (Press Power) Card 1: Playstation®
3- 4:35- 5:23 (Press Power, Unlock Destruction Derby) Card 12: Destruction Derby --Code--
4- 5:38- 6:11 (Investigate, Second Look) Card 10: Warhawk® --Code--
5- 8:10- 8:30 (Investigate) Card 4: Playstation® Controller
6- 8:55- 9:36 (Learn More) Card 3: Killzone™ Shadow Fall
7- 9:48- 10:27 (Learn More) Card: 2 Knack™
8- 12:55- 13:25 (Learn More) Card 6: Driveclub™
9- 13:27- 13:54 (Touch The PS4™ Logo) Card 7: Playstation® 4
9.5: *NOTE: You will need this for 11* 14:19 (Touch Blue Goo)
10- 15:23- 15:46 (Search Cushion Cracks, Search Cushions Again, Keep Searching Cushions?) Card 11: Twisted Metal™: Sweet Tooth
11- Step 1- 18:15 (Ignore voices in your head)
11- Step 2- 18:38- 18:46 (Dig in Garbage) First half of Card 8,
11- Step 3- 19:34- 19:43 (Pick up Garbage) Second half of Card 8
11- Step 4- 19:47- 20:03 (Insert Damaged Card) Card 8: Warhawk® Pilots

You Now have all the cards you need to start the quiz, the last two cards are rewarded once you complete it.
Quiz Starts 20:10 and ends at 21:35
*I think Answer to the first Questions is Warhawk® Pilots, but at the time I wasn't sure if it was just the Warhawk card and I ran out of time :P
12- 21:36- 21:55(Look Closer) Card 9: Twisted Metal™ --Code--
13- 21:55- 22:12 Card 5: Playstation Net Yaroze. *I find this one interesting, I never heard about this before.

Location of Voucher Machine if you need to look at your codes again: 22:17
Rewards: 22:54

Thanks for Watching! Sorry for the video part of the guide being hard to follow, I hope the descriptions helped you navigate through it fine. If you want me to re-record the guide for it to be straight forward without me searching for everything in the video( since this was my first time going through it) just request it in a comment or PM and I'll make it ASAP.

Thank You Sony for hosting this promotion, I'm going to have fun playing these PS1 games once I finish beating all my PS4 games :D

Note: I already redeemed these codes ;) Show less
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