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Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp - Stupid Cupid (Piano Version)

985 views 1 month ago
This is a piano teaser of Stupid Cupid, the 1st release from Josh's upcoming 2nd EP!

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Get Josh's 1st EP 'Sofa Surfin' on Bandcamp @ http://www.joshkemp.bandcam...

Music and Lyrics by Josh Kemp
Produced by George Pierson
Directed and shot by James Martin
Thanks to Steinway & Sons Pianos and University of Surrey

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Give it up, give it up for she says just give it time, and you'll me mine
All the rest, are just pretenders, fakers what they have is less
But i digress from the point that i am making
Hold your arms up baby, point that gun, and don't regret for anyone the moves you made, or question fate
Cos through the chaos plans begin to form, through the haze of indecision we are born, just one more night will make it better

You want something more from me that I can't quite get, that I can't quite reach and I feel the stress of making sense of this.
I let you in, you took control, with a battle cry my world exploded, and I retaliated with a kiss, Cupid fired the shot but missed

This is love, this is love she Said now hold it close, and guard it with your life, tonight.
But what if I'm, watching something best left well alone, does that make me half the problem, what needs solving
Hold your arms up baby point that gun and shoot me cos I'm done with this, the secret kisses, late night whispers, hardly wishing we still felt this.

You'll turn on the tears again and I will give you one last one last chance
To turn it all around but the more I give the more you have to lose and every time you do
A little more of me is lost on you

Thank you :)
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