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We are SGI

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Questions are easy to ask. But how many people actually go out and find the answers?

We at SGI are committed to leveraging technology as we provide answers to those astoundingly big questions and astonishingly tiny problems. We are interested in creating solutions that overcome profoundly human challenges. We are involved in solving bigger problems, curing deadlier diseases, building faster planes, and mapping further planets.

We are honored to bring the speed and skill of the most powerful tools to people dedicated to finding answers, people like you. Show less
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About SGI Play

SGI develops, markets, sells and services
a broad line of low-cost, mid-range and
high-end scale-out and scale-up servers
and data storage solutions, software,
and infrastructure products designedto-
order for the most demanding data
center deployments.

SGI CTO : Dr. Eng Lim Goh Play

Dr. Eng Lim Goh joined SGI in 1989, becoming a chief engineer in 1998 and then chief technology officer in 2001. He oversees technical computing programs with the goal to develop the next generation computer architecture for the new many-core era. His current research interest is in the emerging need for in situ or integrated visualization of Big Data.
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