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Tony Benn Interviews Saddam Hussein Play

Historic Interview by British Politician Tony Benn with Saddam Hussein. In an attempt to avert the upcomming War Tony Benn asks the questions raised by the UK and the USA. Saddams answers to the questions are VERY intriguing and it is no surpise that this interview was all but buried as the rush to war gathered Momentum.

Tony Benn's attempt to avert the War ultimately failed as was to become clear that the desire for War was inevitable. The day after this interview Colin Powell went to the UN and lied through his teeth but convinced the World of the need for War. Powell now says his speech was a BLOT on his reputation!

Does Iraq have any weapons of mass destruction?

Do you have links with al-Qaeda?

What are the difficulties with the Weapons inspectors and can they be cleared up?

Can you work with the UN to achieve Peace?

Can Iraqs Oil Reserves be used for the benefit of the Iraqi People and the needs of mankind

What do you have to say about the Peace Movement?

Ahmadinejad: The FULL Speech to the UN conference Play

VERY interesting when seen as a whole and NOT taken out of context by the News Media. The news Media focuses on the walkout NOT the content of the actual speech, when you see the WHOLE speech you can see why, it convicts the Media on the VERY lies they have propogated. This Video has already been tagged by Youtube as belonging to AP(Associated Press) I wonder why that could be? Have you seen this Speech in Full on Western TV? NO.
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