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  • The French guy is right. He says the problem was too much liquidity from the monetary authorities.

  • 64 bagged caddy cadillac

    • 5 years ago
    64 bagged caddy
  • Austrian economists have been predicting this for years. Politicians and the Fed have been blindly following Keynesian economics for years to support the growth of government. It's so strange how Ron Paul preaches a REAL conservative fiscal policy and people label his a crack pot. The bad part is when the economy finally breaks it will all be blamed on the "failure" of the free market and we will see more govenment regulation and more central planning.

    Ron Paul Stagflation, Inflationary depression

    Ron Paul says it all. There are consequences of FIAT system and overspending. And he explains it because he knows.
  • It would be bad in sense that companies and investments that grew under easy credit and money but wouldn't have under normal market conditions would finally be purged. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Think of it like an enema...it may not be pretty but it makes you stronger in the "end".

    2007: The subprime meltdown

    • by Reuters
    • 6 years ago
    Dec. 26 - After years of massive credit expansion, the debt industry snapped -- taking down major Wall Street figures and hitting corporations with initial loss estimates in the tens of billions. I...
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