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What Pride Means To Us: WorldPride 2014 Toronto

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Check out http://www.VisitTorontoForP... to join the celebration and learn more about WorldPride.

WorldPride 2014 is coming to Toronto THIS summer. June 20-29, 2014. And we can't wait! This international ten-day celebration of global LGBTTIQQ2SA communities will be the first WorldPride ever held in North America, and the fourth such festival in the world.

To prepare for this one-of-a-kind event, we asked trailblazers like Kyle Rae and Laverne Cox -- plus the Pride Toronto staff and volunteers on the ground -- what WorldPride means to them. Listen to their stories and find out for yourself why Torontonians are so proud to be hosting WP14TO this June.

This is what WorldPride means to us. What does WorldPride mean to you?

A video production by Crucial Pictures. Images courtesy of Edie Windsor and Getty Images.

00:00:04,750 -- 00:00:13,700
The word Pride implies the basis for human

00:00:16,800 -- 00:00:21,200
When I think about Pride, I think a celebration. It's honouring every single aspect of who we are.

00:00:21,200 -- 00:00:26,600
In my mind, when I see the streets awashed with people and they're smiling and they're happy and they're from

00:00:26,600 -- 00:00:31,720
every background and every socioeconomic status,
it does make me think about where the movement started,

00:00:31,800 -- 00:00:38,000
and the people before us. Like, Gilbert
Baker, Cleve Jones, and of course Edie Windsor,

00:00:38,000 -- 00:00:41,100
that contributed a lot to the advancement
of the cause.

00:00:49,000 -- 00:00:55,700
Thea had been given six months to live, and her dying wish was to get married in Toronto.

00:00:55,700 -- 00:01:04,400
Toronto has had a very special place in history in providing a safe place for people to be able to live their dream.

00:01:14,900 -- 00:01:20,900
Canada recognized same-sex marriages thirteen years before the rest of North America,

00:01:21,100 -- 00:01:27,300
so when they invited us to get married there,
it was like, not a surprise for them.

00:01:27,300 -- 00:01:31,000
They were like, "Yeah come get married in our country. We love you!"

00:01:39,000 -- 00:01:46,800
It's a pretty important time to reflect on where we've come from. To celebrate, you know, the victories that we have achieved.

00:01:46,800 -- 00:01:53,020
But where the struggles still are as well. In
Iran, or in Kenya, Uganda, and Russia,

00:01:53,020 -- 00:01:57,500
there are still some places where there are lives often being in danger simply for being who we are.

00:01:57,500 -- 00:02:03,900
We need to be able to move the equality agenda into those countries, cause it's our fight too.

00:02:07,900 -- 00:02:13,000
I think it's important that WorldPride
is in Toronto because Toronto's a fantastic city.

00:02:13,200 -- 00:02:19,069
It's one of the most accepting places
that I have ever been. You can just kind of

00:02:19,069 -- 00:02:26,069
be whomever you want to be. But don't be fooled - there is a sassy side to Toronto too.

00:02:31,620 -- 00:02:38,430
I will see you at WorldPride in Toronto this
year. It's going to be an amazing fun celebration,

00:02:38,430 -- 00:02:42,569
and it's only going to happen for the first
time once. You oughtta be here to see it yourself.

00:02:42,569 -- 00:02:45,500
Come and join us. Come to be proud.

00:02:49,000 -- 00:02:56,300
Toronto - a city that has a museum about shoes. Go! Do you need more? I don't think so. Show less
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