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J. KRISHNAMURTI : Life Story & Teachings Play

In 10 parts.
Parts 1 to 4 are Documentary/Biographical Story about Krishnamurti, with rare film footage.
Parts 5 to 10 are Krishnamurti talking to the Camera about the teachings, plus excerpts from Talks, Schools and Centres around the world. Krishnamurti gave talks all over the world for 60 years, with the aim to set humanity free. He passed away in 1986. These videos are a dedication to his life and world teachings.

Krishnamurti, At The United Nations, 1985... Play

In 8 parts (Parts 1 - 3 are a Talk on the Human Condition and World Peace, Parts 4 - 8 are Questions and Answers).

Krishnamurti : The Last Talks: Talk 3 - - (4th January 1986) Play

The Third Talk (4th January 1986, Madras India) in seven parts. This is the Third of three Final Talks given by Jiddu Krishnamurti - His last and most enigmatic talks.
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