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This is Airsoft. Scoutthedoggie Channel Promo Video

113,215 views 8 months ago
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This is a trailer video to let non subscribers get a quick look at Airsoft.
If you are already a subscriber, who goes to my channel page, you will not see this featured, but any non subscribers will see this before anything else. And as you see it is telling them to Subscribe, it also tells them that I upload new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

This video was made using Apple iMovie.
I am licensed by Apple to use the music, jingles, and sound effects included with iMovie in my videos on a royalty free basis.

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Airsoft Action at "The Fort" Fife, Scotland Play

Over 60 Airsoft videos filmed in Scotland at The Fort. Where some of the most popular Airsoft videos in the world were filmed If you wish to play here go to http://www.fortairsoft.co.uk
This is where Scoutthedoggie started playing airsoft.

Airsoft Battlefield Section8 Scotland HD Play

HD airsoft videos filmed in Scotland by Scoutthedoggie. Recorded at "Section8 Airsoft" which is near the village of Allanton, Shotts. If you wish to play here just google "Section8 Airsoft" game dates etc are always on their website.
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