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Science Museum

Unlocking Lovelock: Scientist, Inventor, Maverick

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Unlocking Lovelock: Scientist, Inventor, Maverick is a new free exhibition at the Science Museum http://www.sciencemuseum.or...

The exhibiton brings the personal archive of James Lovelock, one of Britain's most important living scientists and inventors, onto public display for the very first time. Here, Lovelock talks about the inspiration behind his inventions and what the Science Museum means to him. Show less
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New exhibitions and events at the Science Museum
A series of science festivals held in the Museum exploring science, medicine and technology.
A series of videos to accompany Collider: step inside the world's greatest experiment, a new exhibition at the Science Museum open until 5th May 2014. The videos go behind-the-scenes at the exhibition, and explore historic objects and key ideas in the story of particle physics.

Find out more about the exhibition on our website:
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