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Easydrops - waves

301 views 1 year ago
I wrote this lyrics a while ago, in december... about the same time I felt like making an electronic song again. It took me quite a while to finish it and I can't say that I am very happy with what it became in the end... but I can still enjoy it.
Again it is very experimental and dark. And hopefully I can give you a little bit of a sea feeling while listening to this.
I left two lines of lyrics out, more or less on purpose. It didn't really fit in the song for me, just wanted to let you know.


I walk along the shore
listening to the sound of waves
the sea is catching me once more
it is everything for me my life and grave

So vast, so fathomless, so deep
telling stories of my past
promises I couldn't keep
a love that did not last

// missing lines
its singing a song of joy of peace
and all the failures that I breathe
// missing lines

and all the times we used to dive
into the ocean of our lives
together we were meant to be
what no one except us could see

all these feelings filling my heart
with salty water every part
cold and lonely and unity in one
although I might die, my fears are gone

will you wait for me on the other side?
will I give up my useless pride?
the waters are calling me out
I have to follow, there is no doubt.

Thanks to everyone who helps me realizing more who I am and who I want to become.
Thanks to God for letting me meet some really deep and appreciating friends.

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