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Welcome To Tokyo • A Sawyer Hartman Film

317,999 views 2 months ago
Welcome To Tokyo - A Sawyer Hartman Film
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We got the Final Shot of the film on a fantastic Heli Cam for a Go Pro from the amazing people at http://www.Dslrpros.com ! This is the exact drone! http://www.dslrpros.com/dsl...

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Starring one of my best friends

Vincent Cyr
(also has 2 hilarious youtube channels! check it out!

Saxon Anderson

Tyler James

Arika Sato

Jacob & Josh Fu Stefan Li

Jonathan Cocco

Jay Sharron

I really hope y'all liked this short film promo I made! Its for a longer project I'd love to make for you in the future, if you want that?

But this film, in its style and tone, is exactly the type of film i'd love to spend the rest of my life making, but of course in a larger format! So if you've read this far, leave a comment down below and leave a new film idea, "just a sentence or two" and maybe ill make it :) I'd love to have y'all be apart of the stories I make! Anyway, until next time, I love ya xx

All the best,
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