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Sauber F1 Team

5 Reasons To Subscribe - What others say about our channel - Sauber F1 Team

2,447 views 2 months ago
The Sauber F1 Team YouTube channel is known and loved for educational videos about Formula One and exceptional fan engagement. Share your thoughts with us, and we will listen! Comment and share our content and we will interact with you.

Watch F1 races on tv - and get the extra bit on our channel.

What other say about our channel (quotes):
Nikk: "The best F1 channel..."
Mauricio: "Outstanding! ...the best team in contact with F1 fans."
Brian: "They love sharing and engaging with their fans."
Christian: "I am actually learning here..."
Jason: "...the best in the business."

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Music "Sekhmet (Original Mix)" courtesy of Ritesh Tripathy and Sonic Orbit: http://soundcloud.com/sonic... - it's good to have great and creative fans! Thanks, Ritesh.


TECH BITES series - Short. Simple. Informative:

CUTAWAY INSIGHTS series - a glimse INSIDE an F1 car:

FEATURED VIDEOS playlist - highlights from our channel:

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Tech Bites: Short. Simple. Informative. Play

Our Tech Bites provide tech-related insights into Formula One. We try to keep them short and easy to understand. Make sure to read the video description as it will usually provide further information on the topic. F1 explained!

Cutaway Insights series Play

All our Cutaway F1 Car videos compiled in one handy playlist. Yes, we have indeed cut a Formula One car in half! This playlist contains the original Cutaway F1 Car video as well as all episodes of our Cutaway Insights series. Check out our cool interactive cutaway F1 car infographic video and the Cutaway Insights full-season feature! You won't find anyone else who shows you the inside of an F1 car like we do.

Featured Sauber F1 Team Videos Play

Simply the best! Our best, most beautiful, most interesting videos. We hope you like our selection?! Whether you're looking for stunning Formula One on-track footage, our funniest videos or our highly educational highlights - browse this playlist to find them easily.
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