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SargeSagara Creations

Channel Trailer: Version 2

316 views 9 months ago
Welcome to SargeSagara Creations.

Where the RNG of The World of Tanks, Asian Server trolls around with scrubs, bad decisions, and shenanigans.

Where the flights of IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 attempts to rick roll me, no matter where I head to.

Where sometimes, even other games attempt to pull off mishaps, to, or around me. Show less
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Mod Planes of IL-2: 1946 Play

Replacing the former "Practice in IL-2 Sturmovik 1946", it follows the same format as the previous playlist, but with a title change to make it more relevant to the content. Most, if not all mods are all from sas1946 forums, so please do drop by there to get them.

World of Tanks: Team Battles with OPFOR Clan. Play

Ever since the debut of Team Battles in 8.9, curiousity caught our attention on how we would perform. Considering that we are a casual clan to begin with, we wondered how it felt to be in competition conditions. Hence, this group of unassuming tank commanders, each from various backgrounds, decided to come together, and see how they fare compared to the wilderness of the Asian Server of World of Tanks.

My in-game name is Kampfzerstorer, and owner of SargeSagara Creations, and I welcome you to The Team Battles of OPFOR Clan.
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