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Srod Almenara

★ Mega Man Medley (Rock/Metal Band) - [Dr. Wily Stage - Flame Stag]

5,131 views 2 months ago
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01 - Running Through The Fire (MMX2 Flame Stag): 0:00
02 - Pursuit Of Justice (MM2 Medley): 3:55
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Srod Mega Man Art work by:
Guillermo Cartay (a.k.a Lord Wilhem)
Oh!, Mega Man games, so nostalgic!, right?.

When I was I kid there were a few video games that changed my life, literally, and they had something in common, You know what I'm talking about, right?... the great music and melodies that were composed for them, those tunes inspired me when I played those games and I can mention a few: Zelda, Castlevania, Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden and much more, but this time, in particular, I always wanted to play in Guitar, Mega Man's tunes! why not!? Those tracks already rocked, since beginning they were so Metal! Emulation of distorted guitars with power chords, guitar melodies in 3rds, Rock Drums patterns, progressions... Come on, so Metal! Energy to spare.

For me, it was so hard to take only a few tunes to make a medley but after testing a lot of tunes, I could write two separated songs or tracks, one of them, dedicated to only one video game, Mega Man II, one of the most popular games of Capcom and the other track I took only a stage' song of the game Mega Man X2 (One of my favorite ones), the "Flame Stag", to make a really inspiring heavy track, but the story behind this is too long and I don't want to get you bored.

You don't have to be a Metal fan for liking these tracks, even if you don't like metal, believe me, you will like these tunes.

For each song, I made individual and original titles, I know they are cover songs but with my composing and arrangements style they become more than a cover.

Note: Every musical instrument was performed by musicians in a recording studio, not programmed notes.
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Srod Almenara - Guitars
Yeffry Marval - Synths
Hector Rivas - Bass
Alberto Briceño - Drums
Audio Mastering: Trillium Sound
Engineer: Richard Addison
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