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Santa Fe Institute

President's Welcome

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Jeremy Sabloff
December 3, 2013
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Jeremy Sabloff
December 3, 2013 Show less

2013 Stanislaw Ulam Memorial Lectures Play

Complexity and the Biology of Computation

We like to think of the biosphere and the silico-cyber world as separate creations. In a series of three lectures over three nights, SFI's Stephanie Forrest, a professor of computer science at the University of New Mexico and a leading researcher at the intersection of biology and computation, reveals surprising commonalities between computers and networks and organisms and ecosystems, then describes new research that further blurs the distinction.

Music + Math Play

Learn more about Music + Math here: http://tuvalu.santafe.edu/projects/musicplusmath/

From Pythagoras' observations of the fundamental mathematical relationship between vibrating strings and harmony to the digitized musical world we enjoy today, The Majesty of Music and Mathematics will explore the remarkable interweaving of the languages of music and mathematics.

Dr. Cris Moore, physicist and mathematician at The Santa Fe Institute and David Felberg, the Santa Fe Symphony's own concertmaster and guest conductor, will guide you through an engaging evening of music from Bach to Adams, Beethoven to John Williams, plus mathematical discoveries and applications from Fourier to Moog and Theremin. Don't miss this inspiring and enthralling exploration of The Majesty of Music and Mathematics.

Presented by the Santa Fe Institute, the Santa Fe Symphony and underwritten by the Sydney & Andrew Davis Foundation.
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