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Sanna Hellström

How To Create Lifestyle Freedom And Live Life On Your Terms

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In this video I want to tell you about my online lifestyle and how to create lifestyle freedom.

All my life I have been a freedom seeker so for me the internet with all it´s possibilities has become the ultimate solution to live a 100% "free" life.

Let me tell you what happened! (I´ll give you the short version)

A few years ago, my daughter found the love of her life in Australia.

And since I live in Stockholm, Sweden, I was devastated. She was going to live on the other side of the globe!!!

I´m sure you understand what I was going through.

HOW would I be able to visit her and spend time with her and her family if I was working a regular JOB??? You just don´t fly off to Australia for two weeks. That wouldn´t make sense. It takes you two weeks just get over the journey and adapt to the change of time. :)

Somewhere here I turned to the internet for a solution.

I needed to learn how to create lifestyle freedom so that I could spend as much time with her as I wanted to. When I wanted to! On my own terms!

I turned to the internet and entered a jungle.

I tried a million things. I failed miserably. I spent a lot of money. I made some money. I lost money when programs were a scam or just didn´t do what they promised.

(later I learned that EVERY SINGLE marketer online goes through the exact same thing)

At the time I was working on my PC but later was so lucky as find a Mac Air on sale. It fits perfect in my backpack (or purse) and I´m completely portable and can work wherever I like.

The funny thing was that the very same daughter I told you about, owed me about $1000.

Money that I never thought I´d see again. (!)

But you don´t know what you don´t know!!

Suddenly on day she comes to me and pays me back. Every penny!

And the next day she calls me over the phone and she says something like: "Mum, if you´re going to work as an entrepreneur online and become a real business person, you should have a professional computer!"

Of course I should!!! :)

Ever since I started to learn how to create lifestyle freedom, I had dreamt of one of those nice Mac computers!

She continues:
"There´s a sale over at a computer store and the Mac Air computers are for sale!!

Mum, you must go get one!"

So I basically ran over there with my lifestyle freedom in the back of my head ............

Yes, the Mac Air was heavily reduced in price. So reduced that the $1000 was just enough to get one!

And there was still one for me!!!

Ever since that day, I´ve been working on my Mac and together we´re figuring out how to create lifestyle freedom.

The truth is it´s me, Mac and the "Magician".

To design my life and create lifestyle freedom, my "Magician" came in handy.

He always does. My life has been good, but there never was an abundance of money.

I´ve lived pretty much from paycheck to paycheck and I´ve had to talk a lot with my "Magician" to make ends meet. He´s an important part of me.

As long as I can remember I´ve dreamt of freedom, travels, abundance and to be able to do exactly what I want.

So when I started working online, I had no idea what it was going to take or how I was going to get to where I wanted.

It takes hard work to become a millionaire! (don´t ever let anyone tell you differently)

I´m not there yet, but I´ll get there within a reasonable timeframe, because I know exactly what I want and how I´m going to do it!

The only way to fail in this industry is to give up.

But you want to keep on learning and moving forward.

Make sure you have a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of your goal. Pin it down in detail on paper. Draw it. Write about it.

Make it so clear and real that you will keep moving towards it one step at a time.

Tell yourself that quitting is NOT an option!

I hope my story on how to create lifestyle freedom in my life will inspire you to start your journey!

Click the link to see how this is possible and how it could be just as possible for you too.


PS. To create lifestyle freedom you need a vehicle.

You need to be safely in a program that you believe in.

To be among likeminded people who, when you don´t believe in yourself, they do.

And to be with people who will lift you up, who will cheer your steps forward, who will offer a shoulder to cry on when you need one and you need people to work closely with and be spiritually uplifted by.

I´m inviting you to go for your dreams and live the life you want.

Now click http://www.meetsannahellstr...

And there´s plenty of room for you as well!

You see, if I can do this, you can do it!!! And if you don´t believe in yourself, I believe in you!


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