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To Catch a Predator - The Bloopers (sketch comedy)

269 views 8 months ago
The S&M Experience -- Season 2 Episode 5

To Catch a Predator - The Bloopers

Special Guest Star: Matthew Clark

Executive Producers: Sean Hampton, Matt Getic, & Aaron Austin

Director of Photography: Aaron Austin

Written by Matthew Getic, Aaron Ausitn

Directed by Aaron Austin, Matthew Getic, & Sean Hampton

*Royalty Free Music provided by http://www.audiomicro.com

*Some images/audio segments used under the satire/parody guidelines of the Fair Use Act Show less
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Sanderson Hooper Play

Sanderson Hooper is a man who questions everything and eats lies and hubris like a fat person at a buffet.

The Aaron Austin Experience Play

The newest addition to The S&M Network is one of the hottest up and coming filmmakers in the country. So naturally he brought his talents to The S&M Network. Austin can do it all but his visual style/camera is unmistakeable. These are just a few videos he's done. Many, many more are on the way.
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