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Dario ff / samothethief

SonicGLvl - Shaders

8,492 views 2 months ago
Done by carefully implementing the WPU/WVU files from the game. I had to crack all the related shader files to get the right indices for knowing which registers to pass the parameters to and what shader to use in the correct occasion. There's quite a lot of inaccuracies and non-working shaders due to not having implemented most of the buffers / parameters it needs just yet, but this is what can be previewed so far. The WPU/WVU files were disassembled to HLSL ASM with the Windows SDK.

The other major issue right now is that if I want to implement GI Previewing for big levels, I'll need to work on a streaming system like the Hedgehog Engine to only put the High-Quality version of the GI on the nodes close to the camera. Otherwise, most big levels like Rooftop Run or Jungle Joyride just make the editor crash due to running out of VRAM.

I believe this will come extremely useful later for quick previewing of both Terrain and Dynamic Models, since the current method of testing the material changes by switching between the game and the editor is way too annoying to test with.

This update will be released When It's Done (tm). The current state of the editor does not have anywhere near the amount of features the last stable release has, so it's not very useful at the moment. Show less
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