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Ryan Cragun

throwing cold water on Debi in the shower

352 views 1 month ago
One of our favorite jokes to play on Debi is to get cups of cold water and throw them on her while she's in the shower. Toren does the throwing in this video. (Not to worry, I don't show Debi in the shower, but you get to hear her scream.) Show less
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Experiments for Kids Play

This is a collection of videos of experiments you can do with children. If you're looking for something educational to do with your young child, you can use these experiments to teach them about science. And if you need something to do on a rainy day or after school, these will work as well.

Sociology Videos Play

These are educational videos from my sociology courses aiming to illustrate concepts from my classes. They were made by students, so the quality varies. Even so, some of them are pretty good at illustrating the ideas we discussed in the class.

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Videos to promote my books and public presentations. My latest book is What You Don't Know About Religion (but Should). My first book was Could I Vote for a Mormon for President? An Election-Year Guide to Mitt Romney's Religion.

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This is a selection of video tutorials for various pieces of software, like Microsoft Word 2007, OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, and Zotero.

Roadside Attractions Play

This is a collection of videos documenting roadside attractions or odd things to see on the side of the road.
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