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KageKaze's Gaming Guides

Diablo Digest - News, updates, and discussion for the Diablo series Play

Playlist for Diablo News, updates, and the Diablo Digest Video Podcast. These videos will contain discussion on gameplay mechanics and Blizzard's current design philosophy


Here you will find gameplay videos, overviews of new gods, and some patch update discussion. Most gameplay videos will have live commentary during the match. Typical matches are done in Conquest mode with 3v3 Joust being the next common.

Adventuring The Game! Play

A playlist dedicated to the Adventuring The Game series. A Let's Play series based around (currently) adventure games. Each video is recorded with Live Commentary and will have a mix of both informative discussion and humor. Discussions can range from gameplay mechanics, skill builds, or just aesthetics. Current projects under this category are:

*A "Blind" playthrough of Dust: An Elysian Tale
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