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KageKaze's Gaming Guides

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's take on the MOBA genre, sometimes referred to as DOTA clones. HotS will focus more on objective based game play with shorter rounds than its current competition. Trying to keep the focus on action, Blizzard has opted to not use an in game item shop and in stead will allow you to build your characters using talents earned as you level, these talents can completely change the role your character has on the battlefield. These videos will offer first impressions from the Technical Alpha all the way onto release with reviews and guides for Heroes as well as updates that may occur.

Wildstar Play

Video playthroughs with impressions as well as guides and tutorials for the Sci-Fi MMO RPG Wildstar by Carbine Studios. This series covers the Beta, Early Access, and Live Release periods.
Playlist for Diablo News, updates, and the Diablo Digest Video Podcast. These videos will contain discussion on gameplay mechanics and Blizzard's current design philosophy

Adventuring The Game! Play

A playlist dedicated to the Adventuring The Game series. A Let's Play series based around (currently) adventure games. Each video is recorded with Live Commentary and will have a mix of both informative discussion and humor. Discussions can range from gameplay mechanics, skill builds, or just aesthetics. Current projects under this category are:

*A "Blind" playthrough of Dust: An Elysian Tale

Hawken - Mech Overviews Play

Curious if that shiny new mech in Hawken is worth your hard earned credits? In this series I take out each new mech for a spin and tell you how it plays, what its capabilities are, and what weaknesses it might have for you to overcome.

Video Spotlight and featured games Play

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