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BUSHMAN Prank - Eugene Oregon

112,491 views 11 months ago
We ventured up to Eugene Oregon for this prank. My friend was selling at the local market so figured we could scare a couple people passing by! Ryan started out then Charlie made her first debut as bushman! The third guy was a passer by who I offered to get in the suit. Though I had his information, I lost it on my phone so if you see this please message me so I can get your information on the video. Lastly we went back to Charlie.

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Social Info:
2nd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/funn...
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Contact Email: RRyanlewisVideos@gmail.com or Lou1847@gmail.com

About RRyanlewis:
This channel is all about enjoying life and making people laugh. We do this for our own enjoyment and the laughs of other people. We are partnered with the network, Collective Digital Studio.
We created this channel back in 2011 just for our own enjoyment. The 5 of us just liked to fool around and have fun. (Ryan Lewis, Jen Deford, Ray Deford, Jarott Sloniker, and Patrick Neil) Never thought we would get over 100 subscribers and we are in such AWE that we hit 15,000 Subscribers!! WoW
We never expected to get any subscribers but wanted to show our friends the videos we made.
In June 2013, We moved and reformed our group to include a total of 10 people to help bring the channel to the next level. We are looking to span the channel to include other funny videos outside our traditional bushman videos.

We are all about collaberating with other channels. If you have something that you would like to do with us, or an idea we can do together please let us know. We have done a couple and they work out great! We are all about helping each out out!

Check out the Interview Krabby Katie did with us. Its awesome!
Her facebook: www.facebook.com/krabbykatie

Thanks for watching everyone! Its sooo awesome to have got this far! You all are amazing!!

Music on this video was created by:

you can check him out on youtube, twitter, and soundcloud under that name.

By www.youtube.com/Nadrient
https://soundcloud.com/nadr... Show less
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    We ventured up to Eugene Oregon for this prank. My friend was selling at the local market so figured we could scare a couple people passing by! Ryan started out then Charlie made her first debut a...
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