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How I learn't to play the banjer

70,278 views 5 years ago
This here's a true story about how I got learned up by my x-honey babe, Maybell, on how to play the banjer and other important thangs...... Show less
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Jeep CJ7 restorarion Play

1983 A relative bought this new, then gave it to us with the hope we'd take good care of it and fix it up.

Mike's Rat Rod build, low budget 41 Chevy truck Play

These are going to be videos of Mike's rat rod build, from pulp wood truck do low and nasty low budget rat rod

Rat Rod Roadster Videos II Play

I made a playlist for building the rat rod, but needed another one to put more videos in, after I had it running. Could only get 100 vids in the first one

Banjo playin' Play

Me just doin' what I do, playin' banjo and stuff

How to play Clawhammer Banjo Play

Some people make playin' banjo a lot harder than it has to be... It shkould be fun..

How to make a gas can banjo Play

People asked me to show how I make the gas can banjos, so here it is...

Dynaflow Banjo, made from a Cadillac transmission part Play

I was taking the torque converter apart on the 1953 Cadillac Dynaflow transmission, when I spotted a part that I thought would make a handy good banjo pot, so that's what I did. Only later did I discover that it had been done before by Jenes Cottrell from West Virginia back in the 50's and 60's.. He was a lot craftier than me, having built his own necks and designed an aluminum bridge for his banjos. Being an old motor-head, I'm just tickled to have a banjo made out of something that used to be part of my old rat rod / hot rod roadster... Doesn't get any better than that..
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