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Vehicle Weapon Mod v1.0 GTA4

4,825 views 3 years ago
Moo Vehicle Weapons Mod v1.0

Moochaka_2011. Aka Rooft0p (Moo-Modifications2011)....

Compatible With Latest:

Download: http://www.gamefront.com/fi...

Quick script i wrote based on ghostgums concept, but as his was only ever released on his own hook
i have made one for the .netscripthook. Text appears when you enter a vehicle although this can be
turned off in ini file, F1 attach's the weapons to the vehicle, You can cycle foward firing weapons
by pressing F4 (4 choices), EFLC (8 choices), Fire by pressing Middle Mouse Button, Rear fire = E key, Target Range and Shot Burst Time can be adjusted in the ini file and you can also select grenades
instead of molotovs to fire from the rear.

Requires Latest .net Scripthook Version BETA: http://www.gtaforums.com/in...

You will also need whatever the .netscripthook requires,,,,,

Make sure these are installed:

.net 4: http://www.microsoft.com/do...

Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable: http://www.microsoft.com/do...

To Install:
Select which version you want to use (GTAIV or EFLC)
Place (VehicleShooter.net.dll and VehicleShooter.ini) Inside your scripts Folder.

Death Bus Version:
To Install Place (BusShooter.net.dll and BusShooter.ini) Inside your scripts Folder.
Import bus.wft into your vehicles.img using SparkIV (Dont forget to make a backup of the original)
My modeling is not very good so if anyone can help with that let me know.
The Anni guns are a component so if bus spawns without them either spawn another or add the components via a trainer.
Both Files use the same key setup so only use one script at a time or change the attach key if you want all weapons (using both scripts)

inifile... (Default)

ShooterAttachKey=F1 // Attach Weapons To Vehicle.
WeaponSelect=F4 // Cycle Through Weapon List.
FireKey=MButton // Fire Foward Facing Weapon.
BombKey=E // Fire Rear Facing Weapon.

TextOn=false // Enable Key Text Help.
ShooterX=0.005 // AttachKeyText X Pos.
ShooterY=0.05 // AttachKeyText Y Pos.
SelectX=0.005 // WeapSelectKeyText V Pos.
SelectY=0.075 // WeapSelectKeyText Y Pos.
Firex=0.005 // FireKeyText X Pos.
FireY=0.10 // FireKeyText Y Pos.
Rearx=0.005 // RearFireKeyText X Pos.
RearY=0.125 // RearFireKeyText Y Pos.

TargetDistance=19.5 // Target Distance From Vehicle.
MuzzleHeight=-0.3 // Muzzle Height (Vehicle version only).
MuzzlePos=2.0 // Muzzle Position Foward/Backwards (Vehicle version only).
BurstDuration=5500 // Foward Fire Shot Burst Length.
TargetBlipOn=false // TargetIcon/BlipMarker.
Grenades=false // Leave False For molotovs.

Credits go to GhostGum, Aru, HazardX,,,,,,

Terms and Conditions:
Please do not Host/Redistribute the mod without my permission,
Play Fair When Online Always,
Contact : Rooft0p@sky.com
Alt Email : Rooft0p@hotmail.com
GFWL ID : Moochaka
PS3N ID : Rooft0p14 Show less
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