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Felix Grey

Little Doll At Mystery School (1st Demo) - Felix Grey

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Little Doll At Mystery School

You did it, got with it
my little lover, you little lover.
You say, "True", and so what yo' playin'?
Am I a Love fool? Am I a Love fool?
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, so what's that from you?
Attend at Eisheth and scend at Lilith.
Oh-whoa-oh-oh, wild I winnow:
Glide on the zephyr, ride on the weather;
then blink that blink and you persona
is rolling over. It's really over.

You're reelin', you dreamin',
and I see on you, and I be of you.
Lest that be a divine deliverance,
gaze on your mien my teen Faustine.
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, so persuade me
the art of livin', the need of being.
Then spring that scene then with Nephilim
and you're the Thriller, the pure Pupilla.

Y' got y' livin' word, y' got y' livin' word.
Get on and get with, get on and be with
right on y' fighting frame, right on y' glorious frame:
I'm roamin' roadster, I'm roller-coaster.
It's victorious! You're sensational!
My ballerine in neoprene.
Be what may, give whatever it takes of you:
That each scintilla, the pure Pupilla.

Make Two One. "Move Mountain!"
You say its nova, I say pleroma.
Asclepius skied by the deuce of Caduceus
so Two would choose us and hide Ophiuchus.
Oh-whoa-oh, so you're quittin' believing
'cos what y' seein' ain't what 'cha seein'.
For as a Man is, so he plans with,
but what is told ya ain't what is known there.
So love extreme my sweet Justine and
because you've been her, you've seen Pupilla.

Repeat Chorus

She's hit it. Stitch-switched it.
You beat my body a life's prosody.
Each reflective chained perspective,
each light like slivers torn out Dark Mirrors.
Sweet Nepenthe, Life's Apple lemanry,
Drink Love divine my Mnemosyne
While all the Planets gyre like chariots
aphetic figures, the pure Pupilla's!

Repeat Chorus Twice

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