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ExtraOrdinary - Crane Op

3,826 views 2 days ago

The Arnold Strongman Classic Series Play

The world of Strongman goes back centuries. As Terry Todd puts it, "This business of lifting weights doesn't just go back fifteen or twenty years. It's an old, old activity." Those age-old activities are still very much alive today.

R You Rogue Play

Short documentaries on people who have a passion for fitness, strength and life.

INTO THE NIGHT: Steve vs Baja Series Play

Steve Sanders, active Navy, likes to find adventure outside of the Teams. This time he has set his sights on racing the legendary Baja 1000 with his childhood friend Bill Witt and crew. Join them from building the bike to rolling across the finish and every mile in-between.

For Steve, fitness is regular training with the best equipment and applying that fitness in the most challenging of circumstances. Going up against the elements of the Baja Peninsula and riding hundreds of miles through the night is no exception.

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