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Q Planes - Full Movie (Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson) Play

Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Ralph Richardson, and Valerie Hobson star in Q Planes, a 1939 British film about an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of several military planes. Olivier and especially Richardson frequently improvised on the set. The two men were good friends and ran the prestigious Old Vic theatrical company together in the 1940s. The character John Steed from the 1960s British TV show, The Avengers, was based on Richardsons quirky British secret service agent.

Also on my channel is an interview with Ralph Richardson, in which he shows himself to be even more eccentric in real life than his character was in this movie:


The movie Q Planes is also known as Clouds Over Europe in the United States. Tim Whelan directed, and Alexander Korda was the executive producer.

Sherlock Holmes - John Gielgud & Ralph Richardson (Radio) Play

Sir John Gielgud (Sherlock Holmes) and Sir Ralph Richardson (Dr. Watson) star in this old time radio show dramatization of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The programs aired in 1954 and 1955. There were 16 shows total in this radio series.
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