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Risk Bites

How much pee could you end up swallowing while swimming?

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How much of someone else's pee could you be swallowing while taking a swim? And is it dangerous?

This week, Risk Bites takes on the terribly important topic of peeing in swimming pools. Surprisingly, beyond the yuck factor of drinking someone else's urine, there is a more serious hazard -- production of cyanogen chloride from the reaction between uric acid and chlorine. To find out whether you should be worried about this -- watch the video! And as usual, please check out the resources below, and join the conversation in the comments.

The Risk Bites Team:
Andrew Maynard
David Faulkner
Alyssa Berry

Risk Bites is supported by:
University of Michigan School of Public Health. http://www.sph.umich.edu/
University of Michigan Risk Science Center. http://umriskcenter.org

Backing track: Based on Blue and Green by Rimsky. http://www.premiumbeat.com/...

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(don't use)

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