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Diablo - Tristram Theme [Piano]

64,160 views 2 years ago
Diablo - Tristram theme PIANO

Thanks to Max Loh for the sheets. They are pretty hard to decipher, but thanks for your effort. ;) http://www.youtube.com/user...

And thanks to Dioscuri90 ( http://www.youtube.com/Dios... ) for the inspiration.

I've wanted to do this theme for quite some time. I was aiming for the Diablo 3 release date, but I had to accept that there was no chance of that happening. I got absolutely no clue on how to read sheet properly, so most of the time I spent on this was to decode the sheets.

And the ending isn't right. I tried several approaches to the ending, but they didn't sound too well. So I ended up with a simple one.
But I feel I finally got it to sound okay.

So here you are, the theme from Tristram from the 1996 game Diablo. I've clocked a lot of hours in that game over the years.

Sheets and midi are as always found at http://rinerion.blogspot.com
(The left/right in the midi isn't exactly correct, since I divided them with a midi editing tool. So its just trial and error. Play it how it fits you best.)

Let me know if you want the Mp3, and I'll upload it.

THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL. Download the midi, together with Synthesia Game (http://synthesiagame.com/) and slow it down to your desired speed.

Follow my site at http://rinerion.blogspot.com, my twitter at https://twitter.com/Rinerion2 and/or facebook http://facebook.com/rinerion for future midi and sheet uploads.

Hope you enjoy.
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