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Keith Johnson

Bubbleology Shows TV etc :: Keith Johnson BubbleArtist.com Play

This playlist features performance footage from Bubbleology stage shows, fun events, commercials & TV programs.

For more about my work please visit: www.BubbleArtist.com
LinkedIn: http://tiny.cc/g2jq9
IMDb: http://tiny.cc/3maxe

Bubble Guy For Hire:
Soap Bubble performances
Bubbleology demonstrations
Trade Show Entertainment
Science Museums & Festivals Bubble Wrangler for: TV shows, Print Ads & Commercial media, Theatrical projects, Promotions Consulting: Product & Toy Invention R&D. PR, Advertising & Marketing Strategies. Product Reviews & Evaluation. Events.

Uncle Bubble :: Unbelievabubbly Fun, High Performance Toys Play

I am having a blast working with San Jose based D Now Inc. Our mission? Introduce Uncle Bubble® Brand's line of excellent bubble toys & professional high performance concentrate to North America. (The rest of the world has been friends with Uncle Bubble for a long time now.)

Uncle Bubble is a 30 year old property owned and managed by the Lin family of Taiwan. That's right, family owned and operated for 30 years. What does that mean? They still care about your backyard bubble experience.

This "Wonka family" of the bubble world is still inventing unique bubble experiences for us to enjoy. Literally.

Uncle Bubble HQ: http://www.hold.com.tw

In 2013, Uncle Bubble/Hold Enterprise Co., Ltd set down roots in America.

D Now Inc. is lead by Vicky. Her father founded the company in Taiwan all those years ago.

Also in 2013? Uncle Bubble changed the bubble world again by introducing a bubble solution concentrate. Huge, Giant (car sized) bubbles are now something we all can enjoy.

This Ultra Bubble Concentrate is certified safe as a toy but offers such astonishingly good bubbles that I now use it in my shows. Exclusively & through sponsorship.

Sure it makes sense for people to buy a concentrate (mix 1 part to 9 parts water).

Who wants to pay to ship water weight when you can add water at home?

A nice side note: Uncle Bubble Ultra Bubble Concentrate is the only formula I've found where I can send bathtub sized bubbles sailing out over the heads of herds of kids and not have to worry that their eyes will sting when the big one bursts and splashes into their upturned faces.

In March 2013, after nearly a year of testing their products, the Lin family asked if I would join D Now Inc's Uncle Bubble Crew. YES!

The videos here feature documentation footage, testing, product development & promotion.

I'm proud to be part of this awesome company and am especially looking forward to helping them expand their High Performance line of products for Kids & Bubble Pros alike.

Give UB a try... search for Uncle Bubble products on Amazon.com.

Soon enough you will be able to find UB in stores in America & beyond...

Let me know what you think. If you have new tools, tricks or techniques you would like me to test using these products, let me know!

Until then, I hope you enjoy the videos.

Happy Bubble Days!

Keith Johnson
D Now Inc., Uncle Bubble Brand.
Product Development & Promotion

We Support NEADS Assistance Dogs Play

We are weekend puppy raisers for NEADS, an organization that trains and places assistance dogs with deaf and disabled Americans & combat veterans. Just an amazing experience. Please consider supporting NEADS in any way you can: neads.org/
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