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Carlos Gomez

No Brooms in America 2

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No brooms in America 2
I know I said there are no brooms in America
And that the broom makers are a vanishing group but perhaps
It's worse than that.
Maybe the brooms and the broom makers are being held hostage
Threated beyond comprehension chained and silenced
By the political monsters that also have kidnaped liberty.

When the safest place to be is a grave yard
And the most dangerous place to be is a school
When unlocking mysteries and seeking truth can get you killed
Going to the police for help can get you locked up in a cell
And if you try to get sanctuary from a church that you're not a member of
And the so call cross of Christ discriminates, where is the hope?
Perhaps it's lack of courage of willingness to care or maybe we're just too scared.
When you think you're the only broom make left its common sense to be frightened.

I know there are brooms in America we just need to get them out of the closets
Into the hands of those with courage to start sweeping American of its filth
A broom does not necessarily have to be a pole with bristles at its end
It can be a pen and paper a poem or a prose
It can be a singer singing a song
Making a difference cleaning what is wrong.

No! I will not let my home, my rights and my wrongs
Be enslaved by fear. I am a broom and I am starting
To clean the filth and wrong of America
Won't you join the team?
By Carlos Gomez/Water 6-13-14

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