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Ren Rutledge

Jesus People At Connecticut District Camp Meeting

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This summer has been filled with blessings here in Connecticut. A few days ago we took some of the Norwich Tabernacle folks blended our voices with the Light House Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Church Of The Good Shepherd. The Connecticut District Camp was awesome. In fact this entire summer has been like Heaven on Earth with people receiving the Holy Ghost and being baptized in name of Jesus. As we sing this song you will see just a few of the exciting moments we have been having around here. Show less
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Ren Rutledge Singing Play

Ren sings many of his original songs and shares them here in an effort to be a blessing to people around the world who may be hurting.

We hope you will find healing and rest as you listen. There is a message offering hope in every song.

Vickie Lovejoy Play

Vickie Lovejoy was told by her doctors several years ago that she had less than three weeks to live. Vickie not only had cancer, but cancer had Vickie. A few days after receiving the bad news Vickie learned about Jesus as she tuned into Internet Church provided by Pastor Ren Rutledge in Norwich, Connecticut. Soon after that Vickie received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in the name of Jesus. For several years Vickie has been very active in winning souls to Jesus. Even though the cancer has spread to her bones, liver kidneys brain breast stomach and lungs Vickie keeps going forward singing sharing her testimony regardless of pain or circumstances. At this writing five years have passed since Vickie was told that she could not live more than three weeks. Doctors do not understand how she can still be alive, but she is.

Ren Rutledge
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