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Remember A Charity

Do you want to live forever?

853 views 2 months ago
Remember A Charity has launched a new campaign to find out whether or not the nation would like to live forever. Rather than just fuelling a hypothetical debate on immortality, the organisation, which encourages people to leave a charitable gift in their Will, is asking people to make the ultimate decision. For your chance to live forever visit www.live-forever.com Show less
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Remember A Charity in your Will Week 2013 Play

Remember A Charity in your Will Week is the perfect time to take a moment and think about leaving the gift of a lifetime to your favourite charity.

Café De Mort Play

Television presenter and food expert Gregg Wallace teamed up with Remember A Charity to front a quirky new restaurant to raise awareness of the importance of charitable gifts in Wills.

Rocky Taylor: One Stuntman, One Legacy Play

No one knows the importance of writing a Will more than a stuntman. That's why we approached the ageing stunt legend, Rocky Taylor, to be the face of our campaign in 2011.

Remember A Charity TV Adverts Play

In 2009 Remember A Charity ran a series of TV adverts to remind people to consider leaving a gift to charity, after family and friends.
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