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Alexander The Great Macedonian

19,337 views 6 years ago
Alexander The Great Macedonian,not greek!
Plutarch in Titus Quinctius Flamininus:
"...that the Romans came not to fight against the Greeks, but for
the Greeks against the Macedonians."

I'm Macedonian,and i'm not greek!End of discussion.

Sanguis regius Royal blood
Vas sanctum Holy vessel

O Abditus es! Oh! You were hidden!
Haeretici te revelant. Heretics reveal you.
Illam tu non invenis. You do not find her.
Illa te invenit. She finds you.

O miseri mortales! Oh! Wretched mortals!
Aperi oculos! Open your eyes!

Ars magna. The great art.
Litterae inordinatae. Letters disordered
Veritas patefacta! Truth revealed!

Reperi arca Discover the treasury
saeculorum. of the ages.
Inveni caput lapideum. Find the head of stone.
Sanctissimum mysteriorum. Holiest of mysteries.
Libera volumen antiquum. Free the ancient scroll.

Requiescit arte ornata. She rests, adorned in art.
Eius vox infra te est. Her voice is below you.
Requiescit arte ornata. She rests, adorned in art.
Mulier amor est. Woman is love. Show less
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