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Clean your stove for Pennies!! Money Saving Madness Series~Frugal Cleaner for your Greasy Stove

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Plain white Vinegar makes a great frugal & safe (non-toxic) cleaner for cutting grease. No need for all those fancy cleaners that are shown on the TV with their seductive commercials. You kow the ones that are always whispering your name as you go down the cleaning aisle. Keep your money in your pocket & only go in that area to buy Washing Soda, Borax & Fels Naptha soap (ingredients to make laundry soap).

Buy Vinegar in the Food Aisle by the pickles. Less than $2.50/gallon. Baking Soda can be picked up in the Staples/Bakery Aisle(Suhar, Flour,Cakes,etc) very inexpensively. Show less
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Money Saving Madness Series Play

Quick & Easy tips to save you money in things we do in everyday living. If you have a Money Saving tip that you would like to see my do a video on~send it to me via Private Message through my Channel Page. If I select it to do a video on then I will give you a Channel ShoutOut!

Gardening with RedBerry Play

Come along for the ride as I begin my Journey into Gardening. I am learning & loving it. I hope you enjoy gardening as much as I do & if you have never done any gardening....then I hope you will start today. If you don't have any yard or space. Go buy a few pots or ask around...all of my pots are recycled from others who were throwing them out. Get some pots, some potting soil & some seeds. Start growing something you can eat. Once you get a taste of food you have grown...then you will be on a journey to learn more about gardening also. Thanks for stopping by & if I can answer any questions, please ask. Hope you have a great day in the garden.
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