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Max Graham feat. Jeza - Still There's You (Juventa Private Mix)

4,728 views 10 months ago
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You'd best sit down and brace yourself. This new set of remixes by of Max Graham jewels 'Sun In The Winter' and 'Still There's You' might just blow you away completely. On remix duties? Colombian star KhoMha and Dutch talent Juventa.

It marked the return of a hero. A warm welcome back. In 2010, after two years of radio silence, Max Graham returned to the game of EDM. With new inspiration, he brought the enchanting 'Sun In The Winter' feat. Neev Kennedy. Three years later, it sees the rising talents of KhoMha handling it. The result is a big-room fuelled piece with a mesmerizing break. Incredible build-up, definite impact.

2012 brought the enchanting 'Still There's You' feat. Jeza. One year later, it's the talent of Juventa that gives the track a stir of prog and a push of melody. A perfect piece to get you warmed up on the dance floor.


Sun In The Winter (KhoMha Remix) (06:38)
Still There's You (Juventa Private Mix) (06:06)
Sun In The Winter (KhoMha Radio Edit) (03:06)
Still There's You (Juventa Private Radio Edit) (03:03) Show less
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